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During this journey you will you discover the traces of the golden age. You will explore the historic towns Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen and learn all about this significant period.

Go further back in time in the unique Zuiderzee museum and get to know the fishermen of the past. In the museum village, where old buildings that once stood along the Zuiderzee have been rebuilt, you imagine yourself back in time.

Travel through the historic triangle by steam tram from Hoorn to Medemblik where the museum ship takes you, over the former Zuiderzee, to Enkhuizen to complete this Historic Triangle.

        What’s included

Bed & Breakfast
Bike rental
Guided city walk Hoorn
Entrance Zuiderzee Museum
Canal cruise Amsterdam
Historic ride by Steam Tram
Travel plan

                         Optional Add-ons

    • International Flights
    • Car rental
    • Theatre and sport event tickets
    • Private and group excursions
    • Sailing trip on the lake
    • Boat or canoe rental

discover History

Around 1320, the dikes around Westfriesland were closed down to one circular dyke of 126 km long, the Westfrisian Omringdijk. The inhabitants within the dyke mainly lived from agriculture and fishing, but the drainage meant that the fertile peat disappeared, and people switched from agriculture to livestock farming. This required fewer workers, so many people moved to the city to learn crafts such as lace making, bookbinding and making cheese and clogs.

Many beautiful cycling routes in the area take you over the Westfrisian Omringdijk.

The 17th century, the Golden Age, was an important period for Westfriesland. It was a period of great wealth for the Dutch Republic. With the East India Company (VOC), trade blossomed. The cities Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik were situated on the Zuiderzee and benefited from the prosperity at the time.

Strolling through the streets of Hoorn and Enkhuizen you will discover that the rich history is reflected in the imposing buildings, churches, museums and monuments.

After this period of prosperity, the West Frisians lived mainly from cattle breeding and were usually self-sufficient. They lived in typical Westfrisian farms, stolpboerderijen, in which they had their family, cattle and all materials under one roof. In the landscape you can still find many of these farmhouses that are used to live. Some are open to visit.

Between 1927 and 1932 the dike, Afsluitdijk, was built which separated the Waddenzee from ​​the Zuiderzee. As a result, the Zuiderzee disappeared and became a lake called the IJsselmeer. Nowadays you will find many beaches along the IJsselmeer where you can relax and swim. You will even find beach pavilions where you can enjoy an ice cream, a drink or delicious food.


Today you arrive at your hotel. Explore the center of the old town or walk along the shore of the lake.


In Hoorn you will encounter the history of the powerful Dutch East India Company during the 17th and 18th centuries. Our guide takes you from the harbor to the center and tells you all about this important and at the same time dark period. After the tour you enjoy sitting on a terrace or go shopping and finish the day with a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants.


A beautiful route, along the lake, takes you over the historical dike ‘Westfrisian Omringdijk’ to Enkhuizen. Here you visit the Zuiderzee Museum where you imagine yourself back in time and experience for yourself what it was like to live in the houses of the past and taste the old-fashioned local products in the restaurant.


Follow one of the many bicycle routes through the characteristic villages. Enjoy the beautiful views over the meadows and tulip fields. Visit a monument, farm or a mill on the way and stop for a coffee with a delicious Dutch pastry.


Amsterdam is a legacy from the Golden Age with an extensive canal network and narrow gable houses. The city has a rich culture, a variety of museums, festivals, theaters, a great night life and international restaurants. A fantastic way to discover Amsterdam is during a canal cruise.


Your journey back in time starts in Hoorn where you step on board of the Museum steam tram that will take you from village to village across the Westfrisian countryside to Medemblik. Here you have time for a lunch or some shopping. In the afternoon the old-fashioned steamer with a fantastic saloon-deck sails along the coast of lake IJsselmeer to Enkhuizen. From Enkhuizen a regular train takes you back to Hoorn.


The smallest town of Westfriesland with the most atmosphere! In Medemblik everything is at walking distance. Visit attractions such as the castle, the steam engine museum and the bakery museum and end your day on the lovely beach on the lake ‘IJsselmeer’.


All good things come to an end. Take the wonderful memories of this holiday back home and of course we hope to see you again in Holland. We say ’tot ziens’!

Haarlem Terrace along the river Spaarne


Zaanse Schans

Steam Tram Hoorn-Medemblik

Cheese Market Alkmaar

Radboud Castle Medemblik


This holiday includes a stay in a much appreciated hotel in Hoorn. If you prefer a stay in a bed and breakfast more rural, then that is certainly possible.

Made to measure holidays!

The excursions during the holidays are our personal recommendations, but of course we can adjust the program to your preferences. The order of the itinerary may change because of the opening days of the cheese market and folklore market. When the attractions, such as the Keukenhof, are closed, you can be assured that we offer you a nice alternative for that day.

We will do anything to adjust your holiday to your wishes.