8 days/7nights from € 699 per person

Experience absolute tranquility and the fantastic view of the dunes. The beach and the lively coastal towns of Schoorl and Bergen are just around the corner as well as the cities of Alkmaar and Schagen. Visitors from around the world come to Alkmaar to visit the famous cheese market. Schagen is not to be missed for its Westfrisian traditions, each Thursday during summer.

        What’s included

Bed & Breakfast
Bike rental
Guided city tour Alkmaar
Visit Broekerveiling Museum
Boat rental
Travel plan

                         Optional Add-ons

    • International Flights
    • Car rental
    • Theatre and sport event tickets
    • Private and group excursions

Look beyond tulips and mills!

This holiday provides you not only the places of tourism but also the opportunity to become immersed in the culture.

Let the many cycling routes lead you through the beautiful landscape along the shops and farms with local products. Stop on the way at a bar or a tea garden for a cup of coffee with delicious local pastry.

In the dunes and forest you can walk for hours to the beach and back. A nice way to explore the stunning nature is during an excursion. The forester love to go with you!

In Alkmaar you visit the famous Cheese Market and you find out where the man lived who taught America to drink good coffee. The tour guide will show you the beautiful old city and tells you the many stories ‘behind’ the buildings and monuments.

In July and August, people from the pasture area come to Schagen on Thursday to visit the West Frisian folklore market. History and traditions come alive with a different theme every week such as costumes, dance, music or crafts.

Take some time to recover from all the impressions during this holiday. You can rent a boat or a canoe in the area, or just relax on the beach.




Today you arrive at your hotel. Take a walk and enjoy the wide space around you.


Follow one of the many bicycle routes through the characteristic villages. Enjoy the beautiful views over the meadows and tulip fields. Take a break on the way for a coffee with delicious Dutch pastry and have a lunch with sandwiches and cheese.


Water plays an important role in Westfriesland. Potatoes, vegetables and cattle used to be transported over the water in open barges. Westfrisian gardeners pushed the barges with a pole to the oldest auction in the world, originated in 1887, to sell their vegetables and fruit. The auction in Broek op Langedijk is still in use for visitors of Museum BroekerVeiling. At the auction you can bid yourself on local products and hopefully you pay a good price for the potatoes.


The best place to recover from all the impressions during this relaxing holiday is the beach. You will visit the North Sea coast.

On hot summer days you can cool off by the sea and at the end of the day you can watch the sunset while enjoying a drink in one of the many beach pavilions.


You can rent a (electric) motorboat and go on your way for a beautiful trip through ditches and canals. Along the way you will pass the best spots for fishing and picnics, and if the weather is nice you can even go swimming.


In the summer the historic centre of Schagen is dominated by the Westfrisian Folklore Market. For 10 weeks you can visit the market on Thursday with a different theme every week, such as costume, dance and music or old crafts. You can stroll through the streets, across the cozy square and enjoy the unique procession. During this procession, the horses pass by with authentic carriages and farm wagons accompanied by people in original Westfrisian costume.


The Cheese Market in Alkmaar dates back to the 14th century and nowadays thousands of visitors from around the world visit the Waagplein for its cheese market, a particular spectacle which includes a market filled with cheese and hauling cheese carriers. There is much more to experience than just cheese. Join our guide during a city walk to make sure that you discover the most unique spots in Alkmaar.


All good things come to an end. Take the wonderful memories of this holiday back home and of course we hope to see you again in Holland. We say ’tot ziens’!

Biking through the countryside

Broekerveiling Museum

Sand and Sea

Cheese Market Alkmaar

Westfriese Folklore

Folklore Market Schagen


The detached hotel rooms are owned by the Dekker family on this beautiful rural location near the town of Warmenhuizen. The cultivation of seasonal products is the main source of income, the farm itself is buzzing with activities all year round. In spring you will find daffodils and hyacinths, while summer offers you fields full of sunflowers. Different types of cabbage and pumpkins are harvested in autumn. Guest like to come here for the absolute tranquility they experience and the fantastic view of the dunes of Schoorl.

Made to measure holidays!

The excursions during the holidays are our personal recommendations, but of course we can adjust the program to your preferences. The order of the itinerary may change because of the opening days of the cheese market and folklore market. When the attractions, such as the Keukenhof, are closed, you can be assured that we offer you a nice alternative for that day.

We will do anything to adjust your holiday to your wishes.