We offer the best excursions to learn all about our culture. We can help with skip-the-line entrance to museums and galleries, festival tickets, city walks, private guided tours and more. From Amsterdam to the Waddenzee, so many tips from the Skik Travel team.


Whether it’s a special tulip excursion or a historical ride by steam tram or a visit to the world famous cheese market. We can arrange any holiday-enhancing extras or whatever personal treats you fancy.


Your journey takes you from historical towns to the coast with endless sandy beaches. Travel along amazing sights and visit the most famous attractions while enjoying the beautiful scenery with tulips and windmills. Discover culture, nature and history in Westfriesland.

Planes and Trains

We can book your flight to Amsterdam and if necessary a transfer to your accommodation. We provide tailor-made routes on the best way to get to the Netherlands. The Netherlands have an extensive public transport network, which makes in easy to travel around the country.

On the water

Westfriesland is located between lakes and the sea, so there are plenty of ways to have fun on the water. Besides kitesurfing, you can rent a canoe or boat to sail through ditches and canals with excellent places for fishing or picnics. We can also apply for a fishing permit.

Rent your car here or let us arrange it for you