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€ 15,00

The Zaanse Schans is a residential area in which the 18th and 19th centuries are brought to life. Stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh cookies, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are made. You should be sure not to miss the cheese factory, pewter foundry and the various windmills. The Zaanse Schans is a unique part of the Netherlands, full of wooden houses, mills, barns and workshops. Make a cycling or sailing trip, browse the shops or treat yourself at the pancake restaurant. A day out at the Zaanse Schans in North Holland is fun and educational.

Architect Jaap Schipper came up with the plan for the Zaanse Schans in 1946. Starting from 1961, several buildings were transported to the area by road and water. The Zaanse Schans, with its windmills, museums, nature and culture has become a popular attraction where you can experience up close the industrial history of the Netherlands.

The mid-19th century saw the start of the industrial revolution in the Zaan district. What you see today on the Zaanse Schans is how a living and working community in the Zaan district looked back then: farmsteads, paths, wooden houses, warehouses and windmills, ditches and fields.

The Zaanse Schans offers a look into the heyday of the Zaan district: the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Zaan district, the oldest industrial area of Western Europe, there were once some 600 windmills active at the same time. This was a direct result of trade in the Dutch Golden Age (17th century). Thanks to creative Zaan district entrepreneurs, numerous products were created by the industrial mills.

The Netherlands is practically made for cyclists. There are endless asphalt cycle paths and very few hills, making the bike the ultimate way to discover the region. Want to see more than the Zaanse Schans? If so, there is a variety of cycling routes in the surrounding area. These routes allow you to choose exactly how long your journey will be.

See the Zaanse Schans from a completely new perspective by exploring it from the water! Every day, a variety of boats sails a number of routes along the River Zaan. Why not get on board the Cow Boat? The captain of this old cattle boat will be happy to enlighten you about the history of the windmills and the region. The boat sails right past the meadows, where the cows often come to say hello!

The entrance to the Zaanse Schans is free, but if you want to visit museums and windmills you can buy the Zaanse Schans Card.
Entrance with Zaanse Schans Card:
adult: € 15,00
child 4-17: €10,00
parking: €10,00


Your benefits:

  • Free admission to the Zaans Museum
  • Free admission to the Weaver’s House and Cooperage
  • Free admission to a windmill of your choice; You can choose from: paint mill De Kat, sawmill Het Jonge Schaap, oil mill De Zoeker or oil mill De Bonte Hen.
  • Free access to the Zaan Time Museum
  • 30% discount on admission to the Honig Breethuis
  • 20% discount at Enjoy fietstaxi
  • 45% discount at the Windmill Cruises
  • 10% discount in souvenir shops, Daily Walking Theatre and restaurants (when you spend more than €10.00)


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