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All ages


Guided tour


4 hours


€ 24,50

With the covered wagon and tractor you make a trip through the beautiful landscape on the former island of Wieringen. Enjoy the beauty and the infinite view of the lowlands with tulip fields in all colours of the rainbow!

Your host will take you to the most beautiful places and you can choose all kinds of activities to visit along the way. You can become acquainted with various agricultural companies, the Agriport A7 greenhouse complex and the Wieringer Eilandmuseum Jan Lont.

Fun Ride

From the Wieringermeerpolder to the former island of Wieringen where we visit the Wieringereiland Museum Jan Lont. The tour takes you past special (historical) locations through the old and the new country. As a landscape ambassador, your guide will tell you all about it. In particular at ‘the hole in the dike’ we stop to explain the impact of the dike breach.

To The Tulips

After we first enjoy coffee or tea with a pastry, we leave for a ride to the largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world. We go to Anna Paulowna and visit the Poldertuin. Here you can admire more than 1000 different tulips. After our visit to the Poldertuin, we make a covered wagon through the area and tell you everything about the cultivation of tulips.

Visit Agriport

During this trip we visit a high-tech bell pepper greenhouse. During a 2-hour tour everything about the bell peppers but also about the technology and energy will be presented enthusiastically. Along the way you will also get to know about the three data centers (Microsoft, Google and Cirus One) that will be located here and the gigantic area with windmills that is being realized here.

Rates 2019:

Package ‘Fun Ride’: € 24,50

Package ‘To The Tulips’: € 24,50

Package ‘Visit Agriport’: € 34,00


You can find the program of the tours under packages.

The above mentioned rates are per person, based on the minimum group size of 20 persons with advance reservations.