On request

January to May


all ages


2 hours


all about tulips


€ 13,50

CoasTulip invites you for a tour on the coast of North Holland. View the tulip nurseries of CoasTulip with a guide and experience the growing process from bulb to flower.

Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes at a tulip nursery?

During the tour our enthusiastic guide will show you the most special place in the North of Holland, the tulip nurseries of the CoasTulip! You visit the sandy soils where the tulips grow and of course the greenhouses to complete the tour.

CoasTulip is a collaboration between 5 companies that strive for absolute top quality tulips. Cultivated with passion in the traditional way. These companies are all located in the coastal town of Heemskerk in North Holland.

Price: € 13,50 per person